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Ray's Spinning Place

Images that I like.

RAY WEBB - mixed media artworks

The story so far...

On finishing my studies and graduating from Birmingham College of Art and Design (now University) in 1974 I was snapped up, by the then fledgling but aspiring, Open University in their growing Media Development department.

After three years I moved down to Oxford and joined a commercial studio where I majored in book illustration covering predominately educational issues while tackling freelance work that dealt with more subjective storylines and styles.

1979 onwards I accepted part-time teaching posts and external examinerships with various schools/colleges and universitys up and down the country.

However, by the mid-1990s I returned to working full-time for the Oxford based studio at Oxford Designers & Illustrators.

I now live in Woodstock with my wife Irene, who I married in 1989.